Thursday, August 21, 2008


This week has been a busy one... on Saturday I met a co-worker for breakfast and then I spent the hot, beautiful evening celebrating new beginnings with friends and eating ate out on the patio. On Sunday, two of my cronies from high school came into town and we met for bunch. Have I mentioned before that I love brunch? I mean, breakfast & lunch at the same meal? Genius.

It was slightly awkward since we hadn't seen each other in nearly ten years, but it was great to catch up and talk trash about our classmates (kidding). In the afternoon was a bridal shower for a coworker. I spent a good portion of the time thinking about how much I'm going to miss my friends at work. But I'll just have to work harder to see them outside these walls!

All in all, a fabulous weekend but I did a real number on my diet. I had bacon, cake and booze. So, imagine my surprise when I weighed in on Tuesday and lost two pounds!! That brings my total with MRC to eleven pounds in about 4 weeks. Added to the five I had lost before I started the program, I'm down sixteen pounds. Whoo-hooo! I'm well on track to make my birthday goal - two pants sizes- and to meet my total goal of fifty-five pounds by new year.

I was also pretty excited that Dr. Atack got me in for a teeth cleaning. Isn't that the most hysterical name for a dentist? He's really quite gentle... anyway, they worked a little magic to get me in before my insurance is gone and it's a good thing too because it seems I have a little baby cavity. Right next to my little baby (freaky) extra tooth. But that is another story for another time.

Finally, I had an informational interview last night with another recruiting agency and have a pretty good feeling about the company. The situation was highly entertaining - during the group meeting they ask a few standard questions... what kind of work are you looking for, where do you see yourself in three years, who's your daddy, etc. Because the agency focus is on recent grads and young professionals, several of the kids in my group were, shall we say, a bit awkward. There was one guy in particular that I just wanted to pat on the head and tell him life would get better. But my favorite was the little accounting major whose dream job is to be a controller. Bless his little heart.

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