Monday, September 22, 2008


Holy Crap it is cold today! I guess fall has crept in already, which makes me want to curl up with a book by the fire. I should at least change the filter on the heater because I think I'm going to have to crank that guy up real soon.

I'm officially 30 today and don't really feel any different. My left hip/groin region is stiff from the roller skating party on Saturday - they really should change directions more often. But I'm very impressed that not one of us old people fell or broke a bone. It was a great. And Miss White Trash was a good time as well, a few of the girls actually participated and afterwards we went over to Embers to watch the Drag shows. Lots of fun.

Not sure what is on the docket for today. I was thinking of grabbing a nice cup of coffee and going up to the dog park but it's been pouring down rain and is probably one big mud puddle. I need to return my financial aid paperwork and books - I had some seriously doubts when I saw the loan amounts on paper and got the estimate on books... e-ghads... but I really want to do this Maybe I'll take a nice leisurely drive down to campus and then go shopping with all the lovely gift cards I got this week! Whee Hee!

And then I gotta find me a job!


sara lou and stew said...

Happy 3oth Kate! The best is yet to come. Just ask Stew- he's 102! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Believe it or not, Paige and I sang happy birthday to you in the car this morning. Ok..i sang and she 'lalala ahhhh!'ed. it was pretty cute...but i didn't think i should call my unemployed friend that early in the morning! Anyway..happy birthday and we love you!

Nancy, JB and Paige