Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pub and Grub

I had a great weekend out at the coast. I drove out Friday night after work, which took me nearly 4 hours due to traffic, a dinner stop and getting lost. Damn you Google maps! Anyway, we headed to the only bar in town, The Sportsman Pub and Grub where we hung out with the local fisherman and drunks. Saturday morning C and I walked down the street for a leisurely breakfast and then we went to help out at the reception site. J & M went over at 8 am and had been working all morning - the place looked amazing!

The wedding was at 2 o'clock on the beach and the weather was unbelievably perfect. It must be a sign because I can't imagine them getting any luckier for an October beach wedding. Afterwards we went to the reception hall and I helped with the food prep and service. Apparently the cook backed out at the last minute so the girls and I jumped in and a few guys ran the grill. I don't think any of us sat down for about 3 hours. But it was fun and afterwards everyone got smashed on champagne. At closing time everyone rallied to tear down the decorations and we headed back to the Sportsman. Even the bride and groom were there it was fun.

Drove in this morning, grabbed the dog and have been a complete lump ever since. I'm going to regret it tomorrow when I have an hour to write my paper but oh well. I sat around watching Tv and movie and crying my eyes out. Just a bad case of the Sunday Blues combined with some hormonal issues. I feel much better now but should probably go get some chocolate, just in case. First I have to head over to S's house to work on our team presentation. Fudge, I'd rather stay here and snuggle with Beaner.

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S said...

I like how you never use names in your blogs.