Thursday, October 30, 2008

So little time

I keep meaning to post but then I get distracted. It's been a good week... here is a little recap, in case you've missed it:

• We completed our team project and received a perfect score on both the paper and the presentation

• I signed up for a two week trip to China. Two of my teammates have signed up as well so I already have friends

• I spent 8 hours catching up on my graphic design freelance projects and can *almost* breathe now

• I designed a 16 page booklet for work, manually printed 400 double sided copies and then had to throw it out due to poor printer quality. I'll be reprinting all day Tuesday but on a (hopefully) better machine

• My awesome mom bought me a plane ticket home so I can go to B's wedding and have Thanksgiving with the folks. I'm also looking forward to meeting little Paiger while I'm there and catching up with old friends

• My dad has been sending me little checks in the mail and I'm so incredibly thankful

• I've been on more than a few successful dates with a lovely man that is not an asshole, which is a totally new thing for me

• The girls and I went to see Disney's High School Musical on Ice, which was a complete disaster, but X let me wear her purple hat that almost made up for it (see below) and there was a yummy Crow Bar salmon plate involved too

• I had happy hour with Steddles, at the Crow Bar, again. I love that place!

• Snowpatrol release a new album and I just downloaded it - squeeeee.

• I'm going to see Matt Nathanson on Sunday so I downloaded that too - I don't want to be the only one that doesn't know the lyrics!

• I lost another 2.5 lbs this week bringing my total up to 30 lbs since June!

And that's about it... I am going to try harder to blog, I'm tired of ya'll pestering me. ;)

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stedman said...

I have that same hat!