Thursday, February 5, 2009


It's been brought to my attention that I am seriously slacking on the correspondence lately so here is a run-down of the haps. I'm using a few bits of an email I sent to my dad, so sorry for the regurgitation pops.

Work: I've been planning our sales meeting on Tuesday, which entails finding and securing event space for 150 people, coordinating catering and hotel rooms and building powerpoint presentations. My boss frequently like to change the plan which means I spend a good portion of my time chasing my tail and making apologetic phone calls. I'm also building a new website for our sales team which is really fun but also trying because I haven't done it since college and, wouldn't you know it, the whole web thing has really changed. I'm teaching myself CSS and relearning HTML... it's fun though. Oh, and they've started laying people off so I guess I should be thankful, no matter how much time I spend silently crying in my cube.

School: This term has proven to be more challenging than last but I'm still really enjoying it. I had a paper due last week that kept me up past midnight for a week strait but I learned a lot about Facebook. Yes, I got to write a paper about Facebook! This week I will be working on a financial analysis of Target.. turns out I got some pretty wicked math skills from my dad and I'm not too shabby at the accounting stuff, although I am still learning what the results mean - i.e. is it good or bad if the dividend ratio is high? I guess I'll figure that out Saturday when I sit down to write. The first day of my accounting class I was pretty sure I was going to die a slow death from boredom but my instructor has turned out to be a pretty funny guy and does a really good job of explaining the concepts.

Life: Let's see, Sabine passed in December and I'm still struggling with that - not that I cry on a daily basis, but it's weird to come home to an empty house. I've been thinking of getting a new pooch but know it would be better to wait until after my trip to China in June. I've paid for a little over half the trip and am considering investing in Rosetta Stone language tapes so I can be little more prepared than I was in Korea. We will have tour-guides, but its always nice to be able to do basic items.. like find the bathroom.

I was rear-ended by a cargo van on my lunch break a few weeks ago and he did more damage to my neck and back than he did to my car. He claimed he was going about 5 miles an hour but considering he destroyed the steel reinforcement beam on the back of my car I beg to differ. Anyway, I get to go to the chiropractor and get massages three times a week for the next twelve weeks. I've also started seeing a naturopath/ accupuncturist/ hippy doctor and really like her. The irony of the whole injury is that i was on my way to join the gym when I was hit. R and I were planning to run a 5k next month but it looks like I may be walk/jogging it... I'm still down 35 pounds but stalled and need to lose more so I need to up the exercise.

Still seeing the boy, going on 5 months now, which is a record for me. He is still wonderful - can't complain about a man that cooks and occasionally vacuums your house, even if it is might be because your house is so disgusting he can't stand it.

And that's about it. Have a Christmas party to attend tomorrow (our office party was cancelled due to weather) and might go to the closing party at Jerry's, everyone's favorite wine bar. I'm pretty sad that they are closing. Stupid economy.


Scott Fassett said...

whoa whoa whoa...wait...


Can I have him if you don't want him?

Just Jenn said...

Looking forward to our next coffee get together... as always it's more fun to hear about your life then read about it. ;^) (But I'll take what I can get!)

stedman said...

i miss the wine already. sigh :(