Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day Seven

In the morning we went to the Reed Flute Caves, a large cave with lots of interesting rock formations. The rocks are back lit with neon, making a very unique experience. It felt pretty touristy but was a nice break from the heat and humidity. The group took a very long time going through the cave, and I went ahead with a few of the others rather than listening to the guide talk about every rock formation – I was just getting tired of the constant stopping and talking and needed some freedom. The tiny lake at the bottom was the most spectacular part about the cave.

From there we went directly to the airport and flew to Shanghai. The flight was horrifyingly bumpy and I thought I might use my “clean bag.” Because the weather is poor we postpone our trip to the Jin Mao tower and go directly to dinner. We have a small amount of free time in the evening and we walk to The Bund before heading to Nanjing road, a large shopping street close to the hotel. We end up having a glass of wine and a small pizza in the sit down Pizza Hut restaurant, which is very different than the ones at home with high-end service and d├ęcor. A stop at Family Mart for rice wine, pea snacks and bottled water completes the night. Jeg Lag seems to be cyclycle.

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