Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day Ten Hong Kong

We get to sleep in until 830, which is so awesome!! Shawn takes us to the airport and 7 of us head to Hong Kong, where we meet our new guide, Calvin. He is wearing a face mask and explains that his wife is 5 months pregnant so he is very careful about germs and wears it at all times. After the SARS epidemic, the Chinese are very worried about any sort of virus and the swine flu has the country nervous.

The drive into the city is so beautiful and very different. All of the sudden, signs are in English and the traffic is completely smooth. They drive on the left hand side, a throwback to English days, and the giant metropolitan city is surrounded by lush green hills. I am instantly smitten. During hotel check-in Calvin teaches a few Cantonese words to get us by, and breaks them into simple American words which is so helpful for our pronunciation. "Joe Sun" is good morning and "Door Chair" is thank you, etc.

We take a trolley out to “Times Square” where we have Sushi for dinner. It was nice to be part of a small group and to have a relaxed time. We walked through the markets afterwards, seeing more merchants, checking out the fashions and eating gelato. We stop on the way back in the central district, a popular drinking area. It seems to be mostly expats, so we are a little disappointed.

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