Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day Twelve Hong Kong

Our last day in HK is a free day and we take a trolley, a subway and a tram out to Lantau Island to see the giant bronze Buddha. The tram is about 30 minutes and goes over two small mountains, with views of the ocean and surrounding jungles. We can see the Buddha from about a mile away before we reach the village. We climb about 100 steps to the base of this giant sculpture and can see for miles. The statue was built just a few decades ago but is still a very impressive site.

We have lunch in the tourist village and then head back to the city. We were hoping to head to the beach but the trip to the island took nearly 4 hours and we are short on daylight. We opt to grab some beers and head to the rooftop pool for some much needed downtime. We spend several hours drinking beers, chatting and sunbathing before heading to a nearby Thai restaurant for dinner. The service was terrible, but the food was excellence and the night was a great ending to an amazing trip.

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