Monday, July 7, 2008

Birthdays & Weddings & Holidays, Oh My.

What a busy weekend. I need a vacation.

We were released from work at noon and I did a little shopping before meetings the girls for happy hour food on Mississippi and then Jenny & I took X out for a pre-birthday cocktail at a great dive bar. We had a blast pissing off the hipsters by playing incredibly annoying 80's and 90's music on the jukebox and then singing to them with our eyes closed.

I slept in a bit, took the dog for an hour long walk and then headed out for more shopping. I managed to spend a bunch of money I don't have on tops and jewelry, but did not find the summer dress I was seeking. Around 6:00 I headed downtown and went with X and the fam to Waterfront Park to wait for the big fireworks show. It was a pretty darn good time, except for the bathroom incident.

As you may know, my bladder is about the size of an ice cube and I am never pleased when adequate toilets cannot be found. I think I should take a job event planning for the City of Portland because I'm pretty sure their current planning process goes something like this:

Susan from the Party Planning Committee: "We are expecting between 50,00 to 75,000 people to be at Waterfront Park tonight. I'm pretty sure seven Port-A-Potty's will be enough. What do you think Bob?"

Bob From Accounting: "Oh yes, and I'm sure seven rolls of toilet paper will be plenty too."

We managed to pile 5 people into my little truck and head over to Mt. Tabor for Nick & Meg's wedding. The ceremony was lovely and short and we managed to squeak a little sunshine out of the stingy Portland sky. Afterwards we went to the Melody Ballroom where we ate, drank and danced into the night.

A tip for any of you planning a wedding: Have the DJ play Baby Got Back. It's pretty much guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor. Other good options are Shout, Bust A Move or Ice, Ice Baby. It was a ridiculously fun wedding, but I don't recommend giving a bunch of drunk people fireworks. Just FYI.

I pretty much just wasted space most of Sunday, lounging around watching the tube and hanging with the dog. A bunch of us met for a 2 hour dinner at The Tin Shed, which was lovely. It was great to see Curtis & Lydia again, I wish they would move to Portland. But not before I come visit in NYC, okay kids?

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