Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Upside to SAD

Despite the fact that I have the energy of a slug from October to June, I have found that there is an upside to Seasonal Affective Disorder. And that upside, in a word, is Summer. She was a little late getting to the northwest this year, but slowly she crept in and, suddenly, I'm like a little kid who has had too much sugar. For example, this is what I did today:

I slept in until 9, had breakfast with coffee and checked my email. At 10, the little Russian contractors came and began banging on the pipes and hollering at each other. I'd tell you what they said but the only thing I understood was "Mischa" and "Papa," which was quite charming in fact. While they worked I began my semiannual decluttering ritual.

First, I went through my closet and pulled out all the crap I hate and/or doesn't fit and went through the boxes of "storage." I use that term lightly because it's mostly stuff that I don't need that gets shoved in next to the Trivial Pursuit games and is never seen again - like the World Book CD that came with my iMac in 2001.

Next, I went through all my books, DVD's, paperwork and art supplies. I didn't go through my pen box (because I just don't have the heart to throw away PrismaColor markers, no matter how faded or sad they are) but I did go through the 3 tubes of posters that have been hiding in the corner and my sad little college portfolio.

Finally, I emptied each and every drawer in my "sideboard," cleaned under my bed, paid my bills, paired down the chotchkes and then reorganized the stuff I need to get rid of. All in all, I have 2 boxes of books to take to Powells, 1 giant box & 2 bags to take to Goodwill, a bunch of Apple posters to post on Craigslist, a recycling bin full of paper & magazines and a huge box of items to shred (in hindsight, 1 cup of coffee might have done it).

And yet, my house still looks like a little old kleptomaniac lives here. I mean, why do I keep this stuff? Why do I have 7 years of bank statements? Why do I have receipts from 2005? Why do I have 3 calculators, in 3 different drawers, 2 of which are broken? And don't get me started on the push-pins. I don't even have a corkboard in the house anymore - what the hell am I supposed to do with 300 multi-colored pushpins??

So, I did what any right minded woman does when faced with such questions. I went to IKEA. Actually, I went to Lowe's first, to return that stupid ceiling fan, and then went to Swedish Heaven with my newly acquired cash. I managed to find what I needed, plus a few things I didn't, and still made it home under budget. Included in the purchase were magazine holders, a lamp that is so cool & modern that I'm not sure a square like me is legally allowed to possess it and CD storage. I also got some great ideas on how to spruce up my kitchen (on the cheap) once the contractors have finished.

Then, to top off my fabulous summer day, I went to a BBQ where I ate pork byproducts and guacamole. I'm home now and ready to crash - I need my sleep because tomorrow I have a big task. Tomorrow : I alphabetize my CD collection. I'm sooooo excited!

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Just Jenn said...

You are a super rock star! Can I borrow 1/2 that energy?! I'd love to be that productive. 0.o