Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've been having lot a lot of odd dreams lately, but then again, I've always had odd dreams. From what I understand, dreams are a combination of the conscience and sub-conscience sides of our brain... so you might dream about monsters because you saw a zombie flick or because you are battling internal demons. It's all quite fascinating, especially when you factor in the hidden or Freudian meanings.. i.e. buildings represent the soul, hidden rooms are things you are discovering about yourself and every person in your dream represents someone you know and/or want to know. So, let's analyze me based on a few favorite dreams:

At around 12 I dreamt that my friend Jana and I were living in a mansion with our families and had a renter. He was a slightly retarded man, (think Billy Bob Thorton in Sling Blade) but seemed quite harmless. One day, while we were making breakfast he asked me to smother him in butter. Actually, it was I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, but you get the idea. When he asked me why he simply replied that butter reminded him of home.

From the ages of 18- 25 I had a recurring dream involving a cruise ship. I think I was working on the ship, but I might have just been vacationing, who knows. Anyway, the ship would inevitable capsize and I would end up diving in to the dark water to save someone, usually a child. The last time I had this dream I suddenly found myself in the pool of my gramma's old apartment complex (which was painted with whales and dolphins and which scared the sh*t out of me as a child, I might add) but at the bottom of the pool was a mermaid. The mermaid grabbed the child from my arms, saved him and left me to drown. Bitch.

Around December 03, not long after my roommate Jodi moved in, I had a dream that we had no furniture and so I would just close my eyes and "copy, paste" furniture into our living room. It was freaking rad and I chalked it one up to working too much. But not long after I had a dream that I got a cat. The cat was normal except she had neon green fur made of plastic leaves. Seriously, she was made of fake plants people, I can't make this up. Not only that, but Jodi was jealous because she totally wanted a neon orange cat and we searched every shelter in town trying to find an orange version.

Lately all my wierd dreams have been about hotels, elevators and being lost. Once I was in a huge resort in Vegas and I kept running through the hotel but the hallways kept getting longer or I would climb a staircase but end up right where I was. Sometimes the elevators would go to the top only to plummet to the bottom. Once I ended up debarking the elevator and found myself on a bus to Mexico with a group of spree-killers.

Last night I dreamt that someone punched me and knocked a tooth loose. When I pulled the tooth out it had a three inch long, brown root that resembled a crab claw. It was beyond gross and I have no idea what to make of it. Anyone have ideas? Or maybe I just need to stop taking Ambien.


sara lou and stew said...

TEETH Teeth can represent your bite, effectiveness or power in life. They may represent biting remarks, hurtful words. They are your ability to 'chew' over things, meaning to consider and think about, almost to get a taste or try to experience what you are considering.

Woman swallowing teeth: The throat and Eustachian tubes are like uterus and fallopian tubes, so can depict conception or fear of it. In ancient cultures, a tooth was extracted and swallowed as part of a death and rebirth symbol. This may have arisen from the observation of losing ones child teeth and the growth of new teeth, suggesting the power of renewal.

Bad tooth: A painful or rotten part of your feelings, life or relationships; angry or regretful words.

False teeth: Lies told; false face; not keeping spoken promises; the ageing process and loss of good looks.

Spitting out lots of teeth: Something you want to 'spit out' in the sense of admitting, saying, or expressing emotionally.

Teeth falling out: Often a sense of loss, such as death of family member or loved one; the ageing process as it relates to maturity, so worries about getting older and one's changing image. When our first teeth fall out at around seven, it is probably our initial experience of losing something from our body, something weird happening - we might even fear other bits of us could drop off or out.

If single tooth: This may suggest loss, change, or death of someone.

Tooth being pulled out: Jung felt this dream represents giving birth if dreamt by a woman. In general it probably has associations with loss or painful loss.

Toothless: Loss of effectiveness; feelings about ageing.

stedman said...

stop taking ambien :-)

Deb said...

Dreaming about teeth is supposedly sexual in nature (don't ask me) and the being lost, in elevators, etc sounds like you are "lost" looking for something, or do not feel "at home" I am assuming these occurred BEFORE you left your position, made that decision.
for more info about dreams go to and go to the dream section. They have a dream analyst on the site.