Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Indian Summer

It's getting warm and I couldn't be happier. It's amazing how productive I am on a nice sunny day... imagine what a rockstar I would be if I lived in California. Anyway, after a weekend full of fun events I'm in a great mood. I attended a pub crawl, a dinner party and took two trips to the movie theatre. Go see Burn After Reading if you haven't done so, it was great. Vicky Christina Barcelona did not impress near as much.

So far this week I've applied for six jobs and had a skills test with a local temp agency. Turns out my typing is great but my spelling not so much. Yesterday I had a weigh-in and lost another 1.5 lbs so I should hit the 20lb mark in the next week if I play my cards right. Afterwards I had a nice lunch at New Seasons with V and got some of the hot office gossip. I've managed to avoid turning on the TV at all during the days, which is good considering the insane addict-ability of HGTV. Thankfully I have free internet (yeah neighbors!) and a full iTunes library. I really don't need much else to live on.

Since I'm home all the time I've realized that I need to start setting weekly goals to keep on track. So, here is my plan for the week:

• Apply for a minimum of one job per day
• Download & print class syllabi, order books
• Attend lap swim or upgrade to jogging. I'm not built for speed so I'm leaning towards the pool although it requires putting a swimsuit. Tough call.
• P/U library books on writing business plans and .commerce
• Complete 20 e-cards & upload for my awesome web guy to play with
• Catch up on my design blogs
• Research uterus removal procedures - I'm tired of the damn cramps... there has to be something that can be done about this nonsense.
• Take Sabine to the dog park, it makes her so happy
• Turn 30!! I guess I'm officially an adult now. Yeah!


Just Jenn said...

Yay you! The temp agency is following up on you too. I got a phone call this morning and of course gave them a rave review. I'm sure you'll be working again sooner then you'd like!

stedman said...

wanna go to yoga friday night? it is at 5:45 to 7 now....

you are a bad ass, so glad this waft of warm is treating you well!