Monday, September 1, 2008

House Photos

Yesterday the girls and I went to Ikea where I spent a lot of money I shouldn't have. But, if I am to be a student and a freelance designer, I need an office, right? And I need to get my beauty rest too, so I needed a bed, right? I think one of my most charming qualities is my ability to justify ludicrous purchases.

I know I promised pictures of the new kitchen, but I'm procrastinating. For now, and in honor of the 1200 hours I spent assembling furniture with little tiny screws, you'll have to make due with a few more before & afters. It's a work in progress so ignore the clutter.

The living room before:

And after, complete with sleeping dog and semi-working fireplace:

The other side of the living room before:

And the new office - my ode to Ikea and Target:

The bedroom before:

And with the sassy new bed and bathroom passthrough:

The view from the bed - I'm so proud that I managed to hang these buggers strait:

I want to repaint the bedroom sometime in the next year. The Khaki is a little more yellow than I'd like. And eventually I will need to repaint the living room with something lighter. But it's still better than the old paint. Did I mention that the previous tenants were flamboyant young men, one of whom was an acrobat, who had a penchant for really bad paint? Eeek.

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!


Just Jenn said...

Looks *AWESOME*! Especially your new office! <3

stedman said...
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stedman said...

take two!
steady likey the stuffy. especially the bed table thingy