Friday, November 13, 2009

It is possible...

...that I kinda, sorta, quit my job. It wasn't entirely intentional, nor is it completely set in stone. But, out of some sort of sense of obligation, I felt compelled to tell my boss that I am unhappy and ready to move on. This was in response to a great speech from our company founder about having passion about what you do. Which I don't. Anyway, my bosses response was that he needed at least 2 months notice. While I find it flattering that he seems to think my skills are on par with Jesus, I think he is slightly insane to ask such a thing. So I told him that I could not promise anything because I gots to look out for myself, but if that was the case, consider himself served and I will be gone by early next year at the latest.

A good portion of me says that I am absolutely insane for giving up a paying job that I am good at. The other portion of me says that I've known this wasn't a good fit since week one and sometimes you just have to leap. That's how I ended up here in the first place and it served me well - for a while.

But, now I've got a year of school under my belt and I'm feeling like the cocky little MBA that we all hate. Not really, but I do have a business that I feel is going to be great and I have realized that I want to be more creative and have more control. I don't mind "working for the man" but it has to be in a capacity that serves me as well as the company.

So, I'm officially looking for work. There is so much contract work lying around right now with a certain former employer that I had no doubt I could make the rent. But, I'm also getting to weed through candidates for my current job and that is a startling and frustrating task. Of the 80+ candidates we've received in the last 2 days, I would estimate that:

25% - Did not even read the job description and applied out of shear arrogance and hope
25% - Read the job description and saw a few items that they were qualified for and sent a stock resume and cover letter. If you are not qualified in all areas, fine. But at least TRY to explain to me how you fit the job. If you have spent the last 10 years pursuing your graduate degree in Anthropology and working for the Smithsonian, that's fabulous. But tell me how you think thats going to help you create collateral, plan events and sell copiers. (P.S. It's not. Call the Historical Society).
20% - Are absolutely insane
10% - Are over qualified and I feel bad that they would relegate themselves to a low paying job because they are desperate to feed their families.
10% - Are fresh graduates that I want to take under my wing and explain resumes and cover letter to, or that I want to say "you are too F*cking good to dash your design dreams by working in B2B marketing. Go talk to Weiden or I will kick your @ss."

Leaving 10% actual *mostly* qualified people. And this is me not being picky, I'm being generous and thinking, "Okay, so he doesn't know how to use a computer. We can outsource that."

Oh, and if you know anyone that needs freelance work? Have them check out my new portfolio and call me:



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